Move This World Special Programming

Each day Move This World works to help students and teachers navigate the complex and rapidly-changing challenges of our world. We can’t think of a time when those challenges are more complicated and fast-moving than they are right now. We can’t dismiss or ignore the challenges we are currently facing, but we can take small moments to pause, find stillness, and recharge, so that we can face this uncertain time feeling a little more well.

That’s why we’re launching Move This World Special Programming. For as long as schools and communities experience closure, we’ll be hosting a live Move This World Broadcast every Monday and Friday. We’ll take a few minutes to come together, reflect, smile and laugh. We hope you’ll join us.

What: Move This World Live Broadcast
Who: Teachers, Students, Parents & Human Beings
When: Mondays and Fridays at 10:00AM ET
Where: Move This World Facebook Live – Watch the full series here.
Facilitator: Move This World Founder & CEO, Sara LaHayne

We hope to see you on Facebook Live! If you miss us live, be sure to catch the full series here. You can go back and rewatch episodes whenever you need the Power of Pause!

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