Flipgrid: Celebrating the End of the School Year

This has been a school year that we’ll never forget! So much has changed, and it hasn’t be easy, but as we end the year let’s take a minute to celebrate the highlights! What did you love about this school year? Is there an exciting moment that stands out to you? Record a video to share your highlight!

Here are some ideas that you can talk about:
1. Share a favorite memory from the school year.
2. Share a message to thank a classmate or teacher.
3. Share something from this year that you’ll never forget.

How to Contribute:

  1. Visit www.flipgrid.com/movethisworld and check out our newest topic.
  2. Use the code Wecanmovethisworld (password is case-sensitive) to access the grid. 
  3. Record & share your highlights from this school year! 
  4. Watch and respond to other students from across the country. 


Looking for more resources to support social emotional learning at home during this time? Visit our Resource Center

Make sure your student has permission from a parent before participating!

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