7 Best Podcasts to Learn More About Social Emotional Learning

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Podcasts are a simple and convenient tool to learn more about just about any topic including social emotional learning. Many psychology and education podcasts have episodes dedicated to exploring SEL and specific elements of child development. Sorting through all these shows to find the best episodes can be difficult, so this list has you covered. Parents and educators can listen to these seven podcasts to delve further into SEL and child psychology.

The EdSurge On Air Podcast: “The Science of Empathy: What Scientists Want Teachers to Know”

Developmental biologist and author John Medina discusses his research on empathy and its application in education. Discover just how important empathy is and how it can be fostered.





The Psychology Podcast: “Paul Tough on Helping Children Succeed in School and in Life”:

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman speaks with Paul Tough, author of Helping Children Succeed, to explore how children develop resilience, motivation and other social emotional skills. Tough examines how these skills are currently cultivated in schools and how this process could be improved.






Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra: “Resilience, Overcoming and Fortitude with Heidi Keller Ph.D”:

How does trauma affect children and how can we teach our children and students to bounce back? Dr. Alexandra and Dr. Heidi Keller explain the impact of trauma from childhood to adulthood.







Family Anatomy: “Anatomy of Parent Child Relationships”:

This show takes a look into the effects of the relationship between child and parent on the family’s overall wellbeing. Family physician and author, Dr. Gabor Maté, describes what a child takes away from these interactions with adults.






EdNext Podcast: “Supporting Social and Emotional Development to Boost Academic Success”:

Social emotional learning advocate Robert Balfanz illustrates why SEL is a “natural continuation” of academic education.







Getting Smart Podcast: “CASEL: Leading Advocate for Social Emotional Learning”:

Roger Weissberg, Chief Knowledge Officer of the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning, shares his case for why SEL should be a prominent component in schools and predicts what the future looks like for SEL.







Heinemann Podcast: “Looking Through a Developmental Lens With Susan Engel”:

Susan Engel uses her experience in child care and psychology to understand early childhood development through what she calls the “developmental lens”. Listen to learn how this framework can be used to understand children’s emotions and decision making processes.






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