Move This World with us on SEL Day

March 26, 2021

On March 26, 2021, Move This World will join communities across the globe to celebrate the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) on the second annual International SEL Day centered around Building Bonds, Reimagining Community.

As we think about building bonds and reimagining our communities, we can’t help but think about the grief and loss of this past year. This SEL Day, we’ll be exploring how social emotional learning can support us through grief and loss.

There are two ways to celebrate SEL Day with us:

Clubhouse: How to talk to kids about death, grief, and loss? Let's chat
Friday, 3/26 from 1-2pm EST

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app that allows users to participate in live conversations. Our event won’t be recorded, so join us live to listen or participate. Unfortunately, Clubhouse is currently only available to iPhone users.

Join us for a conversation featuring our Founder & CEO Sara Potler LaHayne and grief experts, therapists, and educators to discuss what grief looks like, how SEL supports grief, and how educators and families can support students through grief.

The Saracast: Conversations in Social Emotional Learning
Special Series: SEL to Support Grief

Tune in to part 1 of our 3 part special series of our podcast The Saracast: Conversations in SEL. Our founder & CEO Sara Potler LaHayne speaks with experts about grief and loss, and the role that SEL plays in supporting us through grief. 

Guests include: 

  • George Hagman, psychotherapist and grief expert
  • Tiffany Papageorge, Author, My Yellow Balloon
  • Rebecca Soffer, Founder & CEO, Modern Loss
  • David Adams, CEO of Urban Assembly

Want to bring more social emotional learning support to educators and families in your community? Learn more about our PreK-12 programs.