Partner Spotlight: Shantay Roberts from Otken Elementary School

Shantay Roberts is a third grade teacher at Otken Elementary School. She was inspired to become an educator by her own 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Magruder. Now she’s proud to serve as a role model for her own classroom of students. Ms. Roberts spoke with Move This World about teaching, the importance of social-emotional learning, and how she deals with stress.

What was your favorite school subject growing up?

My favorite subjects were reading and math.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

Teaching gives me a sense of relief and joy. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many students that look up to me as both their teacher and as a role model.  I believe that teachers have the power to make and change lives.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

My mom always told me that, regardless of what you set out to accomplish, you should always, always keep God first and he will direct your path.

What do you do regularly to support your own emotional well-being?

I set my atmosphere by meditating and reading my daily devotion. I also love listening to Gospel music and going on walks.

What challenges do you see your students facing, particularly socially and emotionally?

It’s hard for my students to hold conversations with one another and most of my students have trouble expressing themselves when they feel a certain way.

What impact do you think social-emotional learning has on student’s ability to succeed?

I feel that all students need social-emotional learning because it allows them to deal with whatever is bothering them effectively. Students need to know how to channel their emotions in order to become successful. Move This World has given them ways to express how they are feeling and they’re given the chance to express their feelings before their day gets started. For example, as one student entered the classroom they stopped and said “Mrs. Shantay, I feel zany today.”

How do you feel about using Move This World in your classroom?

My students and I love Move This World, we incorporate it everyday in our daily routine. They will not let me forget to play it every morning and afternoon, so I know they are enjoying it. I also appreciate my school because they are doing everything possible to do what is best for the students.  They are building a system and creating a world class school district.

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