The 20-21 Move This World Curriculum

Move This World’s curriculum is expanded each year to include new videos and supplementary resources to support students and staff. The expanded content is developed directly in response to feedback from you – our students and teachers – as well as current research from the field!

We were excited to share our 20-21 updates a couple weeks back and wanted to share a bit more about the 20-21 curriculum in particular. The updated curricula has been reviewed by two experienced SEL Consultants, Dr. Clark McKown and Ms. Jo Salazar, both experts in social and emotional learning. Dr. McKown was a member of the steering committee of the CASEL SEL assessment work group and has written widely about SEL assessment. Jo Salazar is an expert in organizational design and was previously a consultant to school districts working with CASEL. The review process ensures alignment to the five core social emotional learning competencies as defined by the Collaborative of Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL): self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Move This World focuses on developing several skills within each of the competencies. 

This year, our programs are ready to implement in school buildings in a traditional school day model, hybrid learning environment, and/or in a synchronous or asynchronous online setting, with facilitation guides to support each learning environment. Parents & families of Move This World partners will also receive access to our online learning platform. 

Download our full curriculum guide for the 20-21 school year to see how your students will grow with Move This World.

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