Move This World: Best Practices for Implementation

Each month, we’ll share a “best practice,” that’s focused on empowering you, our school leaders, to use Move This World to effectively shape school climate and culture.

TIP #1: Print a new daily schedule with time explicitly dedicated to Move This World.

Whether this is right after morning announcements or the last 5 minutes of an advisory period, help teachers out by indicating exactly when it should happen!

TIP #2: Use Move This World posters to support behavioral interventions.

When students exhibit a challenging behavior in class, refer to the Emotional ABCs poster to help them identify what emotion they are feeling in that moment. Then, you can use the 10 Emogers poster to let them decide how they can best self-manage and de-escalate. One of our partner schools has even printed smaller versions of the 10 Emogers poster and taped them directly onto students’ desks to serve as a constant reminder. The Move This World posters can be used like any other anchor chart, as a reminder and a tool to move your students toward success.

TIP #3: Do a Move This World exercise right before starting a standardized test.

Whether this is a mindful breathing exercise facilitated over the loud speaker, or each class choosing their favorite MTW video, give students the chance to address their emotions and mental state, shake it out, and have some fun before diving into the test!

Here’s a list of Move This World’s Favorite Pre-Test Exercises:

Check back in March for the latest MTW administrator tip!

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