Hawaii Department of Education

Honolulu, Hawaii

Number of Students: 185,000

Number of Schools: 283

The Hawaii Department of Education is dedicated to the social emotional needs of their students and has an established commitment to the “Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS).” According to the Hawaii DOE website, “CSSS ensures that ALL students achieve to their greatest potential when school administrators, students, teachers, staff, families, and school communities work together in compassionate, nurturing, and efficient partnerships.” The district has undergone a transformation by adopting a new school performance system, internationally-benchmarked standards, updated assessments, and more intense diploma requirements. So, where does social emotional learning come in hand? Social emotional learning approaches complement the districts commitment to CSSS and many Hawaii teaching standards address SEL principles. The Hawaii DOE believes the root of students’ success lies in social emotional learning. The district presents the annual “Schools of the Future Conference” alongside Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Hawaii Community Foundation. This collaborative event highlights best practices for social emotional learning in classrooms and schools.  The district also offers teachers a “Social and Emotional Learning”course in order to help staff gain a better understanding of SEL.

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