6 Creative Ways To Show You Care


 Written by Founder and CEO, Sara Potler LaHayne

       Love is in the air, but how will you show you care? Shifting our focus outside of ourselves can help to boost our own sense of value and self-worth. It also makes the world a better place, so whether you’re sugaring up a significant other or showering friends with special attention, check out these six easy ways to show you care.

1. Send a handwritten letter.

Whether it’s an old friend you haven’t seen in years or a person you see every day, a handwritten letter is one of the most classic ways you can show someone you care. Not only does it require you to unplug and give your full attention, but you’re also providing them with a lasting memory to hold on to. So put a pen to paper and let the fondness flow.

2. Bake your way to their heart.

You don’t have to be a Betty Crocker in the kitchen to whip up something sweet for a friend or significant other. Capture their colorful character with a handful of sprinkles or maybe add a hint of lemon for their zesty personality. Get ready to bust out the butter and explore the inherent creativity evoked in baking your own confectionery creation. You really can’t go wrong with a tasty treat for your someone sweet.

3. Tell them why you love them.

Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes the words are just as nice to hear too. Take 5-10 minutes to reflect on why this person is in your life. What would your life be like without them? What about them is unique and refreshing? Now get out there and shout it from the rooftops – just make sure they’re around to hear it.

4. Play tour guide for a day.

Pretend to be tourists in your own city. No matter where you live, there is history all around us. From museums to restaurants and even the seemingly uneventful places that may have inspired long lasting memories, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. After all, time is the most valuable asset you can spend on someone.

5. Show off your songwriting skills.

You don’t have to be Beyonce to jot down a jingle — OK, maybe for it to be a Grammy winner. But writing a fun song is a way to show off your creative side and have a great time doing it. Select one of your favorite upbeat songs and add your own lyrics or start from scratch. Having writer’s block? Think of a song that reminds you of them and share it!

6. Create your valentine.

Who needs Hallmark when you can create something from the heart? Nothing says you care like arts and crafts. Fresh out of ideas? Pro tip: start with “Rose are red, violets are blue…”

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to show you care. Practicing gratitude is important 365 days a year! How do you show your loved ones you care? Share your ideas with us at @move_thisworld.

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