Building Empathy to Conquer Fear

Written by Founder and CEO, Sara Potler LaHayne

A note from Sara

We at Move This World are deeply saddened by many recent world events that are tearing apart the fabric of our communities. Fear and hate are permeating our society with each passing shooting, threat, and racist statement. The latest cause for alarm came in the form of an email to Los Angeles Public Schools yesterday, a threat from someone posing as a terrorist with AK-47s to all LAUSD high schools. Every school was shut down while 1,500 buildings were searched. The same email was sent to New York Public Schools but was not deemed a credible threat.

Questions still remain: Are we going to allow fear to divide our communities and prevent people from coming together to accomplish positive goals like earning an education? Or are we going to come together and stand up to violence as one proud, unified front?

Move This World is committed to promoting empathy and fostering inclusiveness in communities around the world. We believe in the power of positivity to drown out hate and prejudice. Join us as we stand up to panic and hatred, reducing fear, building trust, and inspiring positive change.

Let’s build safe and supportive communities together. In this climate of fear and distrust, take the following steps to promote empathy in your community:

1. Take the Move This World #DanceForPeace Challenge and inspire your community to spread love and creativity instead of hate and fear.

2. Lead a meditation and reflection at your school, office, community center or home. Check in with your own emotional state and that of those around you, and identify shared values and differences.

3. Donate to equip educators and school leaders with the tools to manage their emotions and build a culture of empathetic leadership.

This isn’t going away on its own. Together we can create positive change.


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