A Note From The Founder

 Written by Founder and CEO, Sara Potler LaHayne

As the Founder/CEO of Move This World, a global nonprofit that harnesses the power of creativity to build trust, reduce fear and inspire change within communities, I am constantly oscillating between creative arts communities and education and mental health professionals.

The simple truth is that many of our funders and educational partners require research, data, evidence and accountability, often dismissing the artistic community as idealistic or unproven.

In order to bridge this gap, Move This World spent several years compiling research, analyzing data and working with the education community to ensure accountability with all of our partner schools.

That work has finally paid off. With an established foothold in many communities around the world, Move This World can prove the efficacy of our program and is currently in-demand by schools, foundations and corporations alike.

As such, I am thrilled to join the Creative Community Fellows to share what we have learned along the way and explore how other organizations utilize creative arts for social good.

When a conversation occurs about the arts and their benefits towards mindfulness, emotional wellbeing or mental health, Move This World aims to be there. Having amassed credibility with government bureaucracies, school and corporate boards, as well as foundations, we have a major role to play in the future development of this work and look forward to collaborating with like-minded organizations.

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