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The Ooh Aaah Song

The Oooh Aaah Song helps students practice mindfulness, and recognize the importance of mindful breathing. During the Oooh Aaah Song, students will move through different emotions or feelings that come from their Emotional ABC list, where breathing might be able to help them. This exercise also gives them the opportunity to practice recognizing their own emotions, and instances where breathing could have helped them get through a challenge.

A Me Memo

A Me Memo helps students build self efficacy, or a belief that we are capable of accomplishing new or difficult things. Students are prompted to imagine that their role models are encouraging them to face their fears and confront challenges head on. Students then speak to themselves just like their role models would speak to them (their Me Memo). By participating in this exercise, students are engaging in positive self talk, which helps them build their resilience and confidence to face challenges.