• Dance 4 Peace Is Born

    Sara Potler LaHayne, Founder and CEO of Move This World, traveled to Bogota, Colombia as a Fulbright Scholar. She collaborated with her Fulbright research team and a variety of skilled creative arts therapists and educators to author the first iteration of the Move This World curriculum, known as Dance 4 Peace.

  • Return to the US

    LaHayne returns to the US and begins implementing the program in the DC Metropolitan area. LaHayne works with advisors at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia to develop a system for meaningfully evaluating program effectiveness.

  • Direct Service Beginnings

    Dance 4 Peace is incorporated as a non-profit. Operating as a direct service organization, Dance 4 Peace trainers work directly with students in schools to teach important social and emotional skills through movement and other creative modalities.

  • Move This World Is Born

    Dance 4 Peace rebrands as Move This World to more authentically represent the team’s mission of creating a world where everyone belongs.

  • Evolution to Train the Trainer

    Move This World shifts from direct service to train the trainer in order to reach more school communities.

  • Video-Based Program Goes Live

    Move This World launches their first video-based program and transitions to a for-profit model in order to expand their work and increase impact.

  • Key Research Partnerships

    Move This World establishes a partnership with the American Institutes for Research to review the curriculum annually and ensure the program is appropriately scaffolded, differentiated by grade level and aligned to the five core competencies of social emotional learning: self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

  • One Million Students & Counting

    Move This World surpasses one million students impacted to date. Move This World continues to expand their video-based curriculum, differentiating the curriculum by grade level.

  • Third Party Research

    Move This World publishes their first third party research study in partnership with Sioux Falls School District, proving the impact that the program has on behavior incidents and school suspensions.