Alex Beard

A proud graduate of Lebanon Valley College’s English Department, Alex joins the Move This World team after seven years spent working at marketing agencies as an account manager and paid media specialist. Alex brings experience creating successful digital campaigns for clients as varied as restaurants and independent brands to ritzy NYC real estate projects. He’s looking forward to doing work that will have a real positive effect on the world.


  • Favorite well-being ritual: I start every day with my way-too-complicated coffee-making process. It’s silly and way less practical than simply pressing a button on coffee pot, but it’s an involved series of steps that help me get focused for the day. And at the end, I get a cup of fresh coffee.
  • Favorite way to de-stress: Taking 10 or 15 (or 20!) minutes for myself in the middle of the day to do whatever I want as long as it’s not related to my workday. Sometimes I’ll stretch or exercise, sometimes I’ll go for a walk, most of the time I’ll just go hang out with my cat. It helps me get some distance from whatever’s overwhelming me in that moment and lifts my mood.
  • Advice for supporting wellbeing during the school year: One thing at a time. It’s always easier to focus on completing one task or getting past one challenge than it is to figure out how to tackle a whole list of things at once.
  • Advice for supporting colleagues and peers during the school year: Take care of your people! While everyone faces different obstacles, chances are that your peers are experiencing at least some of the same things you’ve faced. Throw an arm around their shoulder and let them know you’re there for them and offer whatever support you can.
  • Source of inspiration: I have a lot of very smart, driven, tough friends who are always amazing me with their accomplishments while still staying grounded and being supportive.