Mark Prince

Regional Sales Director

For the past 20 years, Mark has brought quality academic content and mission-critical educational tools to educators across the country, impacting the work they do on a day to day basis. With Move This World, Mark now has the unique opportunity to use that experience and a lifetime of working with others that struggle with mental health, to bring educators a fantastic solution that can truly support students both academically and socially-emotionally. This indeed is a win/win!

  • Favorite Wellbeing Ritual: Meditation.
  • Favorite Way to De-Stress: Walking by the ocean.
  • Advice for managing wellbeing during the school year: Make a conscious decision to both choose and cultivate meaningful relationships. Choose to engage and not shut down.
  • Advice for supporting colleagues and peers during the school year: Remember the habit: Seek first to understand, before you are understood.
  • Source of inspiration: People who strive to both give and be their best to push humanity forward in a positive direction.