Craig Lambert

Marketing Director

Craig is a teacher, who has been focused on the education, growth and wellbeing of his elementary students. He is also a passionate marketer who has been focused on leading innovation teams to create holistic, need-based marketing efforts to build strong relationships between brands and their customers. His work at Move This World is the confluence of his career passions.

Craig spent seven formative years at digital pioneer Modem Media leading premier client relationships and heading up their Eastern US offices. After that, he was strategic lead and office head at both IPG’s MRM Worldwide and Omnicom’s Tribal DDB digital marketing arms in New York. Craig led teams that created marketing solutions for companies and brands that include: Philips, Maybelline and Avon; Delta Air Lines, IBM, GSK and Merck. Most recently, he was CGO at tech-enabled student transportation startup Hugo Labs. 

He has spoken at marketing industry conferences and been quoted in the New York Times, Forbes, Adweek, Ad Age and various marketing blogs. He is an advisor to the WBDC (Women’s Business Development Council), a non-profit that provides training for women in entrepreneurship. Previously, he was on the boards of Jewish Family Service, a non-denominational social services organization and of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in New York. 

But the most challenging, most complex and most rewarding role he has had in his long career has been teaching. This is why he chose Move This World – because developing our future citizens – humans – is arguably the most important job there is and MTW will make it easier for teachers to do this better.

  • Favorite wellbeing ritual: 15 minutes of yoga in the middle of the day.
  • Favorite way to de-stress: Cooking (mindful and satisfying) and gardening (mindless and satisfying).
  • Advice for managing wellbeing during the school year: Take a break…leave the building. Go for a walk and engage your senses to see, hear, smell and feel the world around you. 
  • Advice for supporting colleagues and peers during the school year: Consider other people’s struggles and how you might help them through…share your walk with them and listen.
  • Source of inspiration: The people around me. How do my friends and colleagues meet the world? How do my students meet the world?