Press Release: Move This World and xSEL Labs Announce New Partnership

Move This World and xSEL Labs Announce New Partnership

Move This World and xSEL Labs prepare to publish alignment documents mapping assessment to curriculum.


New York, NY (May. 12, 2020)Move This World (MTW), a leading video-based social emotional learning curriculum for PreK-12, is excited to announce a new partnership with xSEL Labs, a provider of rigorous and informative social emotional assessment systems. 

Move This World and xSEL Labs are preparing to release detailed guides that outline alignment between the xSEL Labs skills-based assessments and Move This World’s curriculum content. The teams are excited to support school districts in implementing the programs in tandem.

“We know that social emotional learning requires explicit instruction and opportunities for practice, just like academic content areas. When assessment and curriculum are used together, in a meaningful and thoughtful way, students benefit. Of course, xSEL Labs will help our schools measure impact, but more importantly, it will help teachers better understand the specific social emotional learning skills students are struggling with, so that they can revisit lessons on self-management, responsible decision making, etc. when the time is right and better meet the social emotional needs of their students,” explains Sara Potler LaHayne, Founder of Move This World. 

Both Move This World and xSEL Labs support schools and districts spanning across the country. Many districts are implementing SEL programs, assessments, or a combination of the two. The teams are excited to be able to offer training and ongoing support in how to use an SEL assessment and SEL program to more meaningfully support one another throughout a school year. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Move This World team to bring high-quality assessment and engaging and rigorous curriculum together. xSEL Labs is committed to providing SEL assessments that educators can use to decide what to teach to whom, and to measure student progress. We are excited to help educators understand their students’ social and emotional strengths and needs and to measure the growth of students who participate in the Move this World curriculum,” says Clark McKown, Founder and President of xSEL Labs.


Move This World cultivates students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that empower them to navigate the complex and rapidly-changing realities of our world. Move This World is a social emotional learning program that enables students to establish and maintain healthy relationships with peers, staff and themselves. The curriculum is delivered through an extensive online library of PreK-12 videos and resources rooted in creative expression that help students, teachers and staff develop a common language to improve communication and build trust. Move This World has impacted the lives of over 1 million students across 30 states. For more information, please visit


The mission of xSEL Labs is to support teacher success and student social-emotional development. xSEL labs fulfills this mission by providing high-quality assessments that educators use to support consistent and high-quality SEL practices. xSEL Labs’ social and emotional competence assessment, SELweb, is a direct assessment of social and emotional competencies that are in the CASEL model, that are linked to success in school and life, that are commonly taught social-emotional learning programs such as Move this World, and that are reflected in state standards. For more information, please vist



Jennifer Money
Partnerships Director, Move This World
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Twitter: @Move_ThisWorld



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